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Big Rude Jake: Pursuing the Pearl of Great Price

Screenplay by Kyree Vibrant and Big Rude Jake

Based on certain monologues

written and performed by Big Rude Jake

Screened in many festivals around the world!



Best Musical Feature Film at the International Music video awards in Budapest 

Best Musical Feature Film at the Munich Music Video Awards

Best Zero budget Feature at the WRPN Women's International Film Festival

FINALIST Best Music Feature at the Rome Music Video Film Festival


White Structure

Talking about the film on Toronto Mike'd!

About the Film


This film is a unique documentary/biography that highlights the roots, coming of age, and subsequent rise to fame of legendary jazz performer, Big Rude Jake. It is a film made in segments that highlight Jake's iconoclastic personal, social and political views as well as portray Jake as a thoughtful, intelligent man who's one true love, music, has always been the impetus and the ultimate idée fixe that he has propelled him above all others: the Pearl of Great Price.


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