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What I'm doing

I make cool stuff

My whole career I have been lucky enough to do what I want, work with amazing people and make things. Because of this, I've created a body of work that I'm proud of and love looking back on.

I started out working as a promoter and performer in clubs and as a writer, director and editor in film. I have been a singer and songwriter in many bands and projects making everything from lounge music to prog rock.

Currently, I direct and edit music videos, films and live shows (both my own and for others) and I am writing and performing music with my progressive rock band, Half Past Four. I also collaborate on EDM music projects with Play Records.

Reviews for Half Past Four

Quotes taken from more comprehensive reviews of entire albums..cherry picked from hundreds of reviews online.

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..the most amazing vocal parts I've come across lately in progressive rock, the magnificent voice of Kyree Vibrant. She has a wide register with a great range, from mellow to more rougher in places when pieces needs it, she make a truly solid vocal arrangements here, .. delivering some very catchy and interesting moments, great voice.

Half Past Four's 'secret weapon', however, are Kyree Vibrant's distinctive, riveting vocals. Her delivery, witty and commanding at the same time, suits the band's quirkily attractive music to a T....

The vocals of Kyree Vibrant can run the gambit from sultry siren, playful joker, to raucous rock and roll Queen. One can hear bits of Kate Bush, Grace Slick, the Wilson sisters of Heart, Kate Pierson & Cindy Wilson of The B-52's, and Amy Lee of Evanescence. That's quite a mixed bag – but reflects the dexterity of her vocal style.

The vocals are delightful from Vibrant and overall there are enough magical moments and infectious hooks for this to drag you back for many listens. An excellent 2013 release with innovation and a bold approach from a group who know how to remain unique and yet true to prog rock at its finest.

Kyree Vibrant’s stunning vocal performance throughout the album elicits comparisons with MoeTar’s Moorea Dickason and District 97’s Leslie Hunt – both experienced, well-rounded artists like Kyree herself, as well as gifted vocalists. Her strong, confident voice dominates the proceedings,  from the soothing, wistful tones of “Fate” to the breathtaking acrobatics of the Russian-inspired “Spin the Girl” and the anthemic “Rise”.

Vocalist Kyree Vibrant has one of the best and most versatile voices around, it draws you in and urges you to listen.

One of the best, most competent and most original bands of the Progressive Rock scene, Half Past Four is a “must-have” for all fans of Progressive Rock worldwide!

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